Brunello di Montalcino is not an everyday wine, and especially Brunello Riservas - produced only in outstanding vintages - are wines for big occasions, birthdays, anniversaries and, of course, the holidays. 

But when visiting Montalcino and the Val d'Orcia during Christmas season, many wine lovers struggle to find a vineyard open for tastings. Understandably, after a year of hard work, most Brunello producers celebrate at home to finally enjoy their wine with their families.  

snow in a Montalcino vineyard
Palazzone vineyard near Montalcino: open for tastings during the holidays

Il Palazzone's holiday winery visits are an exception to the rule and the themed tastings are just the thing you need if you're still contemplating ideal wine pairings for Christmas lunch or New Year's Eve. 

Sensory Tasting – Family Friendly 
Deciphering the aromas in a wineglass is fun! Come and explore the world of aromas and scents. Includes: private winery tour, guided tasting of 4 wines & a leaflet. 

Pairing Sangiovese – Foodlovers' Delight 
How food pairing rules work and what is best with Brunello or Rosso di Montalcino. Includes: Private winery tour, tasting/pairing of 3 different Sangiovese wines. 

Classic Il Palazzone Tour and Tasting 
Private winery tour and wine and olive oil tasting 

For more information visit Il Palazzone's website or send an email to or

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