Cypress trees and Tuscan hills at sunset
Sunset at the Palazzone winery

Tasting Brunello can be a daunting task, at least during the two hottest months of the year. When temperatures start to reach suffocating highs in July and August, only hard-core professionals will look forward to starting the day with a wine that often has an alcohol content of 14 % (let alone the even mightier Brunello Riserva). Most travelers would just ask for one more iced coffee, thank you, if it wasn't for, yes, Montalcino. 

At Il Palazzone - one of my top ten wineries to visit in Montalcino - Esther from Vino Vistas created a cool alternative to sticky Tuscan summer mornings spent spitting too warm wine: sunset tastings (I still can't believe that nobody has thought about it before!).

Swirl your wine at sundown and enjoy not just the gorgeous view but also a bit of a breeze. Montalcino isn't just known for Brunello, but also for its windy evenings, and you'll come to love them after a sizzling hot August day.

Tastings start around 7pm, depending on time of year/sunset. The winery is located five minutes from the town center. 
Book ahead as tastings are for private groups only (from 2 to 8 participants). Prices start from 30€ per person depending on the selection of wines chosen. To book the tour send an email to Esther (, the certified and extremely knowledgable wine guide who will lead you through the expert tasting. 
Looking for more info about the - Richard Parsons owned - Palazzone winery? Read on here
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