As a Swiss I'd normally say June is already too hot for cycling in Tuscany. But with the weather gone Scottish this year, I can confidently say that June has become a perfect month for exploring the hills on top of a bike. And with this spring being the longest and wettest in history, the Tuscan wildflowers are having the time of their life. So make sure you take due time to do some walking or cycling whilst you travel the Tuscan hills. Stopping the car to take a few pics just isn't the same. 

The poppies met whilst cycling in Southern Tuscany
Wildflower cycling in Tuscany

A good option to hop on a bicycle and meet the locals too is Riscopriamo la Val d'Orica in Bici (let's discover Val d'Orcia by bike). Pienza, San Quirico d'Orcia, Castiglione d'Orcia and the province of Siena make sure a road in the Val d'Orcia will be closed down to traffic on Sunday 9th of June. Entire families with grannies and toddlers are welcome to pedal the 6 km. The flat road (it must be about the only one around) is close to Bagno Vignoni and passes Il Spedaletto, a lovely fortified farm, which used to be a stopover for pilgrims crossing the Val d'Orcia in the Middle Ages on their way to Rome.

For people who don't travel with one of those foldable bicycles in their suitcase, the petrol station in Montalcino rents out mountain bikes (outside of town at the roundabout on the road to Siena). Also remember to buy a bottle of water to bring along at the bar nearby. Spring has been cold and rainy so far, but once you hop on that bike, it will surely become sizzling hot. 

In the morning only (ca. 9am to 1pm). Look out for the turn off from the Cassia road between Bagno Vignoni and San Quirico d'Orcia (follow signs for SPEDALETTO). 
A free snack will be provided at the end of the improvised cycling path. 

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