This June Ferrari organizes a three day Tuscany tour for its best customers. Belong to them? Good on you. Florence and the Tuscan hills are waiting for you. 

Not part of the celebrated crowd? Never mind, just watch them driving through Montalcino's town center on Friday afternoon. Each of the Ferrari drivers will also receive a gift package filled with some of Montalcino's best Brunellos. Because unlike you and me, the Ferrari owners hardly have any cash left for a bottle or two of the prestigious Tuscan red (that's what happens if you invest all your money into a car). 

Red Ferrari and yellow Fiat 500 cheek to cheek in Siena
Which one to choose?
Ferrari and the new Fiat 500. Two classics when it comes to Italian cars. 

I've asked the organizers whether I could drive along and participate in the 2013 Cavalcade. I know these roads rather well, my car is red too and dusty enough for nobody to recognize what it is I'm exactly driving. I also wouldn't mind the gift package. 

Ferrari chief Luca di Montezemolo turned me down right away. Not surprisingly, my VW Polo isn't up to scratch, but above all - one alone won't do. It's a collectors only event. You need to have a least three Ferraris in your garage to be allowed in onto the cruise. Oh well...

CAVALCADE 2013, Ferrari meeting in Tuscany - Montalcino, Friday 28th of June 
The 100+ Ferrari drivers will pass Brunello town between 3 and 5 pm after a sumptuous lunch at the Ferragamo owned five star hotel Castiglion del Bosco

In Montalcino they'll pack up their free case of Brunello wine before making their way back to Florence. (A note to the local police force: forget siesta and be on the ready. This afternoon alone may sort out Tuscany's financial misery for the rest of the year.) 

VW Polo after a summer on the Tuscan countryside roads
Okay, I have only one of them and it's no Ferrari, but what the hell,
 it fits perfectly through the narrow alleyways of my Tuscan village. 
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