For once stop doling out money for cases of Brunello wine and invest into contemporary art in Tuscany instead. 

Paris based artist Paul Frank Wagner has fallen in love with Montalcino (as so many of us before him). Just that he has decided to take things further. With Montalcino having it all when it comes to wine, views, food and medieval setting - the artist obviously thought Brunello town could also do with some contemporary art. And he is right. 

Click through to Wagner's website to get an idea about his projects so far. Evidently a sailor in a former life, Wagner creates beautiful and intriguing sculptures with differently colored ropes. All of them include some masterful knot tying (like for an example on a boat in the midst of the Bosporus). I have to say I've been wondering why I haven't thought about it myself!

Art installation by Paul Frank Wagner
Let's rope in Montalcino too!

Paul Frank Wagner got the space and the support of Montalcino's mayor. Now he only needs our money to buy the strings. I.e. it's time for some crowd funding! Let's kick start this thing and have a bottle of Brunello together once we're looking at his new creation in September. 

Find Paul Frank Wagner's website and beautiful artwork on, or go straight to KICKSTARTER to read up about his Tie the Knot in Montalcino project.

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