Whilst Benvenuto Brunello 2013 is still in full swing with the wine trade tasting its way through Montalcino's wines today, Montalcinonews has already put together an informative video with the views of some of the world's top wine journalists on the 2008 vintage. 

2008 vintage interview by Montalcinonews 

The experts seem to agree that 2008 isn't an easy vintage, but one in which quality of Brunello wines varies from vineyard to vineyard. The (non official) sub-zones have played a big role and also the moment during which the grapes will have been harvested in September or October. 2008's climatic conditions meant that producing a great Brunello wasn't quite as 'easy' as in 2007. 

On the positive side, 2008 is a back to the roots vintage, and a great year for Sangiovese lovers after the 2007 vintage, which has produced fantastic, but in many cases also atypical Brunellos. 

Quality of wine may not be consistent between Montalcino's 250 producers, (maybe with an advantage for producer with vineyards in lower lying and therefore warmer areas), but a good Brunello 2008 has the potential to age for 10 to 15 years. In fact young tannins and high acidity mean that in most cases the wines aren't ready to drink and - again in classic Brunello fashion -  will profit from a few more years in the cellar. 

You may also want to watch Montalcinonew's wine experts interview in regard to the 2007 Brunello Riserva. It's interesting how the wine journalists' views differ in regard to the 2007 vintage, with some absolutely loving it, and others wondering whether this particular Brunello Riserva isn't shaping itself too much along the tastes of the international (i.e. American?) wine market.  

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