Looking for a guide to take you to Montalcino's wineries? Planning to taste your way through wine cellars stocked with Brunello? 

The Brunello wine maker consortium had exactly you in mind when projecting their app to Montalcino's 250 vineyards. No need to book a guided tour and cram into a bus. Just download the app on to your iPhone and start cruising independently. Or better even, download the app whilst still at home and start training. Winery visits in Montalcino are nothing for the fainthearted (unless you insist on spitting the stuff - but then why would you?). 

Cypress lined road on the way to Argiano winery, Montalcino
Roads less traveled : On the way to the Argiano winery
 near Tavernelle, Montalcino

The iPhone app is available in English and Italian. A version for android phones is in planning. Doing Samsung myself, I haven't been able to try the app yet, but will report about it, once it's available to unfashionable smartphone users like me too. 

iBrunello - your virtual guide to the vineyards of Montalcino.
Download the app directly from you iPhone or via the Consorzio's iTune page
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