People in Italy - Buonconvento, Tuscany
Join the daily neighborhood chat in Buonconvento 

Certain things can't be reiterated often enough: Buonconvento is one of Tuscany's best kept secrets - stunning medieval town center, great restaurants and museums and hardly any tourists around!

If you are travelling Tuscany this week, the Sagra della Val D'Arbia (the yearly village festival) is one more reason for a stopover in the lovely town in the Crete Senesi (the stunning clay landscape south of Siena). 

Events are on during the whole week, but Saturday and Sunday will be the time to visit if you are a lover of food and artisan markets. You'll also find live music, kids entertainment (on Sunday afternoon) and for the sporty ones a Mountain Bike ride by night with the locals.

But the festival wouldn't be called a sagra, if it didn't focus on one thing - Tuscan food! In fact the photo above is misleading. For once these neighbors won't have time for their daily chat. They'll be busy cooking up Tuscany's finest for you to taste. 

SAGRA DELLA VAL D'ARBIA, September 22-30, 2012. The full program can be downloaded on Buonconvento's official website (in Italian only - I said this was off-the-beaten-path).

Buonconvento's medieval town center during former editions of the village festival

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