Montalcino fortress and cathedral
Montalcino's fortress and football field (location of the archery contest)

With the unbearable heat this August I don't envy the Montalcinesi who'll participate in the ceremony and archery contest of the opening of the hunting season. The medieval garments worn during the celebrations are worthy of a major snow storm. 

Wonder how they manage to resist the heat? Go and see for yourself. Just make sure you'll bring along a straw hat and plenty of water.

Saturday, August 11

11am Medieval dances in Piazza del Popolo
11.30 Medieval parade from Piazza Cavour towards Piazza del Popolo
12am Drawing of the archers from the four city districts 
17.45 Parade from piazza Cavour to Montalcino's fortress
18.30 Archery trial run on the football field (next to the fortress)

Sunday, August 12

17.15 Medieval parade from Piazza Cavour to Montalcino's fortress
17.45 Benediction of the archers in front of the Saint Egidio church
18.30 Archery contest on Montalcino's football field 

During the week each of Montalcino's four Quartieri (city districts) organizes outside dinners on long tables for the inhabitants of the district. Guests are welcome. It's a great occasion to eat local and meet the people behind the scenes.

For dinner bookings contact the Quartieri:
Travaglio +39 349 0873584 or +39 347 2957744
Borghetto +39 348 3855986
Pianello +39 348 7135296
Ruga +39 348 7135296

More details on Montalcino's tourist office website: The Opening of the Hunting Season

What else?
If you end up desperate for some shade, visit Montalcino's fortress which hosts Fragments of Emotions, an exhibition by artist Fabio Guiducci. The thick stone walls of Montalcino's medieval fortress will make sure you'll be able to cool down. The exhibition is open from 9am to 8pm. Make sure you'll walk up to the top to take in the splendid view over Montalcino and the hills and villages of the Val d'Orcia, Crete Senesi and the Maremma. 

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