Sant'Agostingo church and Montalcino's museum: the ex-convent of the monastery
Sant'Agostino Church: it's ex - monastery is Montalcino's museum

Montalcino has it all - world class wines, a great event and festival calendar and medieval hill top villages with stunning views. The downside to all this bliss? Prices are steep. Brunello wines (and all that comes with them) don't come for free. So no wonder that locals and tourists alike will perk up if they hear about a free event in Tuscany, even more if it happens in Brunello town.
This summer Montalcino's Pro Loco (literally 'for the place', ie the tourist office) organizes free classical concerts in town. The next two dates are Friday, July 6 and Sunday, August 5. The concerts start at 9.30pm and take place in the beautiful cloister of Montalcino's ex convent Sant'Agostino and now museum. The program can be found on Montalcino's tourist office website: Free live concerts in Montalcino -  2012

The concert in July is part of the fantastic "Le Notti dell' Archeologia" - cycle,  a festival that offers free night time museum visits and special events all through Tuscany in the months of July and August. 

In the same context it's worth to remember that the concerts of the Jazz and Wine festival are not for free but great value for money! The tickets at Montalcino's fortress cost from 10 to maximum 15 Euro (depending on event), thanks to the generous sponsoring of co-organizer Castello Banfi winery. So you better have a look at the great program: Montalcino Jazz & Wine 2012.  
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