Bagno Vignoni's ancient hot water pool in the middle of town
The perfect town square - Bagno Vignoni's hot water pool

Just before Italy is facing Germany in the European football Championship,  Montalcino's bar Kaffeina organizes Kaffepinci an afternoon dedicated to Pinci making. Pinci (in other villages of the Val D'Orcia also called Pici) are the area's famous hand made pasta, which looks like especially thick Spaghetti and taste heaven with a meat sauce or all'aglione (a tomato sauce heavy on the garlic). In case you know how to do fresh pasta just cook along. It's a proper competition and there are nice prices for the first three (a holiday trip and obviously plenty of wine). If your cooking skills are not on a level to join the competition, pop in anyway and see how it's done. And don't miss out on watching the game with the rest of the cooks at 8.45pm. 
KAFFEPINCI, Thursday 28th of June 2012. For more information about Kaffeina see our Restaurants in Montalcino page. 

Libreria d'Orcia. the lovely bookshop in Bagno Vignoni organizes a classical concert under the arches next to the hamlet's wonderful hot water pool. The musicians will play Hayden and recite Goldoni. There's a bar on one side of the pool/square with a wonderful view towards the lodges. That's where I'd recommend sitting with a glass of sparkling wine to take in the concert.
COME STA LA LUNA? Saturday 30th of June, 7pm  - Bagno Vignoni, Loggiato di Santa Caterina

If you're not into classical music you may want to head to Sant'angelo Scalo (the hamlet near the Banfi winery). The CENA DELLA GRANOCCHIA is your chance to get local. 'Granocchia' is Tuscan for Ranocchia, which is nothing else than a frog -  its legs being the supreme ingredient of the dinner's main course. I'm a vegetarian, so I've had a great excuse to avoid this one for the last 13 years. But if you happen to have that Gordon Ramsay gene you'll want to dig in. My Tuscan father-in-law swears that they are fantastic...
Pro Loco Sant'Angelo Scalo, 7pm. It's a tiny hamlet so just follow the other people on the way to their froggy dinner. 

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