PANDA DAY 2012 - Not your usual car race

You won't know the Italians until you have understood their love for their cars. No, I'm not talking Ferrari. It's a Panda, Cinquecento or Ape that will make (nearly) every Italian heart beat faster.

Loving your Ape or Panda is not about status quo but about utility. Imagine having to park your SUV in one of those tiny hill top villages. Or having to steer it down one of those narrow countryside roads. Whilst Pandas and Ape can easily get past each other, here's a SUV closing the road to the rest of the traffic. Grazie! 

So if you wan't to move out here, before buying that Tuscna villa make sure you hold the keys to one of these in your hands: 

Italian utility cars - Ape, Panda & co.
Life in Tuscany - only with one of them

Not sure which one to go for? Montalcino's Panda day in Sant'Angelo in Colle will get you to meet and observe some Panda owners. That's how I decide on buying a car. Are the people driving that particular model nice and friendly? One for me too please. Or are they spoiled kids, divorced film stars or just arrogant bastards? In that case, keep that Hummer to yourself. 

PANDA DAY - 2nd of June 2012. If you don't have a Panda yet you may want to rent or borrow one to join the party. Or just come over and have a look. And enjoy the food and wine at Sant'Angelo in Colle's village fair afterwards. 

Start on Saturday 2nd of June at 10.20am. The Panda 'race' starts in Sant'Angelo in Colle, passes through Tavernelle and the historic town center of Montalcino. Then onwards to Castelnuovo dell'Abate for a second breakfast, and from there along the beautiful Sesta dirt road back to Sant'Angelo in Colle, just in time for the first aperitif of the day at the lovely Collemattoni winery. Prices are not for the fastest car. Anything but. The Oscar goes to the oldest Panda, the Panda in worst shape (only in Italy!), the Panda with drivers who come from furthest away and the Panda with the funkiest team in it (anything goes). More info via Sara: +39 3299856481

If you are in Sant'Angelo in Colle on the day you may want to check out the village open-air disco on Saturday evening. You haven't practiced your moves in ages? This is the place where nobody will notice. 
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