MUSICIANS OUT ON TOWN - June 18-20 2011

Hanging out in Tuscany next weekend? You are just in time then for a sleepover in Montalcino. The mother town of the world famous Brunello wine is always worth a visit, but during the next weekend with the Festa della Musica in full swing, things get even better. Every town square in Montalcino will stage live performances of all kind of music genres; an eclectic mix with talented locals and some big names strewn in.

The one not to be missed is without doubt Riccardo del Fra, a Roman double bass player who has jammed with many of the big names in Jazz (see his biography) and has written the film music for Federico Fellini's Città delle Donne. This said, ambience is king, and with free live music in a stunning setting, you may want to pop in for a drink or two even if you can't make it for Riccardo's gig.

View of Montalcino's fortress and town wall at sunset
View onto Montalcino

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