Avid followers of this blog know that wine and music events abound in Montalcino during summer, and err yes, only in summer. 
The event which is likely to close this year's festival frenzy is all about honey; the SETTIMANA DEL MIELE, which takes place on the second weekend of September.
Many a fab wine producer in Montalcino also produces honey and the association of Southern Tuscany's beekeepers has chosen Montalcino's scenic fortress for their yearly get-together. It's all about the endless varieties of supreme honey (lavender, acacia, chestnut , etc) and about the health and beauty products that derive from and belong to the realm of honey. 

It may be a coincidence, but on the same weekend a cover band of Enzo Janacci is rocking the town. And for once rocking is the right expression. Enzo Janacci, together with Adriano Celentano and Giorgio Gaber (his long time partner in crime) is known as one of the founders of Italian rock 'n roll. If you ask me the man is a genius. Not that I know that much of his oeuvre, but look at his biography: Janacci is a pianist, actor, singer/songwriter, comedian and... a heart surgeon. He must have some direct lineage to Leonardo da Vinci or any other of those Renaissance all-rounders. 

If you didn't make it to the 2011 edition of Montalcino JAZZ & WINE you are at least still in time for this year's Honey & Rock 'n Roll in Brunello town.

SETTIMANA DEL MIELE - 9th to 11th of September 2011, in the medieval fortress in Montalcino

Montalcino Music Circus, piazza Padella   
La Banda dell’Ortica - Enzo Janacci tribute band on Friday night 
Vocisole all female Tuscan choir on Saturday night. 
Concerts are for free. 

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